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Here we have listed Mina’s current on-site @theoldbarn courses. Register your interest and let’s arrange a date (usually a Tuesday or Saturday by exception courses are booking into 2025 currently). All the dishes are favourites @khushikitchen, Mina’s indian takeaway in Kilmington (East Devon). How about a bespoke class where you can mix and match different dishes (Ideas on or ask for something else entirely like a Webinair or zoom class?. Just ask and we can tailor it together.

Prices are per person (If your bringing a friend to share the cooking and dishes, they (Or you) get 20% off) 

Simple Gujarati Veg Meal (Veg) £130 (3.5 hours)

Dhar (sweet and sour dhal soup) or Khadi (yogurt Soup)
Bhaat (Veg Rice) or Rotli (Chappati)
Shaak’s (Curry) :-
Binda – Okra Bhaji or Gujarati Potato
Traditional Black Chickpea or Bombay potato

Simple Gujarati Meat and veg Meal £130 (3.5 hours)

Khadi (Yogurt style soup, served with rice)
Bhaat (Rice) or Rotli (Chappati)
Shaak’s (Curry):
Black Chickpea and potato
Gujrati chicken or Lamb

Simple Veg Punjabi Meal £130

Chole (Sweet and sour chickpea)
Bhature (Fluffy fried Breads)
Aubergine Bhartha (chutney style curry)

Simple Meat and veg Punjabi Meal ½ day £130

Chole (Sweet and sour chickpea)
Bhature (Fluffy fried Breads)
Chicken Makhani (Butter chicken)

Khushi Favourites £130 1/2 day

Base Sauce and how to use it
Mangalore Chick or Butter Chicken (Makhani)
Aubergine, pea or chickpea potato
Bhature or Onion Bhaji’s

All of the Khushi favourites 7 hrs includes lunch £240

Base Sauce and how to use it
Mangalore Chicken
Butter Chicken
Aubergine pea
chickpea potato
Bhature or Fragrant rice
Onion Bhaji’s

Breads and Starters ½ day £130


Veg Thali Course (Full Day) £240

Veg Pakora 
Cucumber Mint Raita or Katchumber (Gujarati side Salad) 
2 veg curries of the day i.e Motter Paneer, Gujarati Potato, black chickpea,
Aubergine Pea 
Rice and Khadi (Indian Yogurt soup) 
Puri (Indian fried Bread)

Meat Thali (Tapas) Course (Full Day) £240

2 Meat Curries of the day – i.e. Keema Motter (Lamb Mince), Gujarati chicken (on the bone)
Veg Pakora 1 or chicken Tikka

Cucumber Mint Raita 


Gujarati Dhal
Pilau Rice
Puri (Indian fried Bread)


Bespoke to You

Bespoke classes where we design the menu together, you learn about spices and how to use them . £130 for 1/2 day  (includes your dishes to take home – minimum 3 hours recommended).Especially if you are looking for more authentic Gujarati dishes that Mina specialises in. Bring a friend/ partner to share your cooking and they get 20% off for second person, so 1/2 day for 2 = £234 per couple Full day for 2 is £432 per day . Please note classes are on a Tuesday (Other days maybe available by exception so do enquire). We are currently booking into 2025! so do book early to guarantee your place. Fill in the form below , message your availability and i’ll contact you for dates and payment.

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