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A cookery school set in the heart of Devon.

Hi I’m Mina your chef at Minas’s cookery school.

I love spices and just how they can transform the simplest of ingredient. I am passionate to bring those healthy spices and how to use the combination of them to create healthier Indian meals.

Whilst I worked the corporate world for the last 30 years I have been cooking Indian food since the young age of 8.

My mum would have me roll those chapattis again and again until I got them round ‘if they were not round she said no decent man would marry me’ so a few maps of countries were produced (well marriage was not on the forefront of my mind at 8 !).

There are so many stories from my mum’s popular kitchen as I grew and those find memories have ignited a new passion to teach everyone how to use and develop skills and knowledge to make the best curries and Indian food you you will ever serve.

Mum and Dad are from the Gujarat region if India so I am very much influenced by that region, however my travels to various parts of India have opened my eyes to a whole host of techniques and dishes – such a culinary rich country, I am always learning.

I look forward to welcoming you to The Old Barn , in my very own home kitchen .

Students at work

I retired from City work in my 40’s to introduce ‘true’ Indian cuisine to the people of east Devon and so was bourne Khushi Kitchen an indian takeaway from my very own kitchen.

Now I invite you all virtually or in person to my kitchen where I will impart 40+ years of knowledge. I look forward to welcoming you – every dish I cook is with passion as they all have fond memories of some sort for me.

The Old Barn. Home of Mina's Cookery School and Khushi Kitchen
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