Authentic Indian cooking classes
and Sourdough baking

Hi, I’m Mina and I run my courses from my very own kitchen right on the border of the Devon/Dorset coastline. 

A warm welcome awaits you.  You will learn in an informal and relaxed way, but don’t think I’ll be doing all the work as you are hands-on all the way.  Or you may join me virtually, whether it is a cook along or a demonstration. 

Whichever way you decide to do it , you will learn how to use all those spices so they complement each other and you will produce the most amazing Indian Cuisine as a result.

I will be imparting with 45+ years of experience including how not to do things and breaking the barrier of some common curry myths. 

       Mina x

Easy steps to follow

The curries are made from scratch in a layering process. I will guide you through step by step till your masterpiece is finished


Delicious recipes

We will learn all about the spices and authentic ingredients  , and the magic of the right  combination that will make your dish the tastiest  you have ever had. 

Family recipies

My dishes mainly  come from my Gujarati heritage, so you will cook and learn in a very authentic way passed down by generations 

Learn how to make traditional Indian recipies as taught to be by my lovely mum

I love spices and just how they can transform the simplest of ingredient.

I am passionate to bring those healthy spices and how to use the combination of them to create healthier Indian meals.

My family are from the Gujarat region of India so I am very much influenced by that region, however my travels to various parts of India have opened my eyes to a whole host of techniques and dishes – such a culinary rich country.

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What my students say about the courses

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Olivia Holmes

“Ullamcorper enim at amet eget faucibus morbi ornare feugiat posuere blandit donec sit quis lectus eget faucibus scelerisque cras duis.”

Julia Moore

"Semper duis tellus orci nulla nibh elementum purus, pretium facilisi vel eget amet, sit diam lacinia tempus tristique euismod viverra fusce risus euismod amet."

Roberto Lopez

"Vitae erat pretium, interdum et, massa, nunc rutrum at lectus lectus aenean etiam nulla nibh ipsum commodo eu nibh scelerisque pharetra, sem netus risus."

Maria Anna

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