Sourdough Making 1/2 day Class @MCS £65

mina's cookery school

(YOU WILL NEED to purchase or bring before the course  a Banneton and have a large casserole type (With lid) dish or cloche before the course) – Mina will help you please ask.

Learn hands on how to make my basic 24 hour fermented loaf:

1. What is a starter/ mother? how does It work?
2. Learn the stretch and fold method
3. Window pane test and final Shaping
4. Variables that impact a perfect loaf

Bottomless tea and coffee whilst your dough does its magic, the process cannot be rushed!

A take home wonderful gift bag of freebies containing all you need for your first make @home loaf.

Including my starter, bread tools, organic flour and the master recipe




Nov 14 2023


Half Day Course
9:15 am - 12:45 pm


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