Sourdough Making 1/2 day Class @MCS £65

mina's cookery school

Easy steps to follow

The curries are made from scratch in a layering process. I will guide you through step by step till your masterpiece is finished


Delicious recipes

We will learn all about the spices and authentic ingredients  , and the magic of the right  combination that will make your dish the tastiest  you have ever had. 

Family recipies

My dishes mainly  come from my Gujarati heritage, so you will cook and learn in a very authentic way passed down by generations 

Bespoke Classes

Why not book a private lesson with Mina? Or a party booking.

Mina will discuss your requirements and we can deliver a completely bespoke course for you and your friends If you are serious about cooking dishes in a authentic way and would like that individual guidance and attention.

Why not book a 1:1?

You can choose any of the courses from the course list. Or a typical morning with Mina would consist of:

  1. A tour of the spice box and spices in general, how it is used and changes depending what region of India. A chef comes from and of course all the health benefits
  2. We will then go on and cook a 2 course dinner for two, choosing up to 3 dishes(Curries, accompaniments , breads , Bhaji’s) we will plan your menu together.
  3. If you book a full day, it comes with a free light lunch too hand cooked by Mina x4.

Mina will guide you an answer all the questions you may have to give you full confidence to go home and recreate your dishes at home with ease

£105 ½Day £220 full day

Interested in a Course?

Let me know if you are interested in knowing when the next course dates are released.

This will add you to my mailing list, but I do not share your details.

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